Your Single Source for Custom Membrane Switch Electronics and Integrated Interface Assemblies

Almax Electronic Interface Solution is a global manufacturer of interface components and fully integrated interface assemblies. Our product line includes membrane switches, rubber keypads, back-lit membrane panels, touch screens, graphic overlays, rigid and flexible printed circuit boards, and integrated electronic interface assemblies. Owning both domestic and off-shore manufacturing facilities, we specialize in engineering optimization so you can bring a high quality interface design to market at a fair price.

Patented Membrane Switch and LED Backlighting Technologies

Nameplate and re-seller customers have relied on our interface electronic expertise for years. With several patented technologies, Almax EIS has the engineering and manufacturing expertise to reliably produce even the most complex electronic interface designs at volume production levels.

Domestic and Off-shore Manufacturing Facilities

You gain sourcing, pricing and design flexibility with access to our multiple manufacturing facilities. Our domestic site can produce rapid prototype interfaces within twenty-four hours, and by owning multiple off-shore facilities, your electronic interface will be built at the price point and lead time that best fits your product and project requirements

True Supply Chain Partner

As a single-source electronic interface supplier, we partner with our customers to integrate seamlessly into their supply chain. Our customer support includes manufacturing design reviews, graphic design services, 24-hour online customer service and U.S. based engineering teams, customer service teams and accounting. Our customer base includes Fortune 100 OEMs to nameplate manufacturers to re-sellers, and we take pride in providing every customer high quality electronic interfaces and high quality customer service.

24 Hour Prototypes

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